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screen-shot-2014-04-06-at-8-16-33-pmWe know the land belongs to the next generation, the Next Crop, and that’s what the Next Crop Project is all about. Farms aren’t just run by farmers; they’re run by farmers and their families. The legacy of hard work and ingenuity on our farms is something we want to thrive and continue.

Farming is critical to the health of the United States, and to the world.  That is especially true for us here in Idaho.  Everyone has to eat.  Farming is more than a job, it is a passion.  And with that passion, comes hard work.  It’s a way of life here in Idaho.  97% of U.S. farms are operated by families, and 39% of those farms have been in the same family for over three generations.

2011-kids-fence_smPeterson Stampede Dodge has had the privilege to participate in the Shaw Cattle production sale over the last couple of years, which is run by a third generational family.  The Shaw name is rich in cattle history.  The “next crop” of Shaw’s is growing up on the family ranch, learning the craft of raising cattle.

“Future Farmers of America” was founded by a group of young farmers back in 1928.  Their mission was to prepare future generations for the challenges of feeding a growing population.  They believed that agriculture is more than planting and harvesting, it’s’ science, it’s a business, and it’s an art.  FFA continues to help the next generation rise up to meet those challenges by helping its members to develop their own unique talents and explore their interests in a broad range of career pathways.

FFA_EmblemRam truck believes in FFA because they represent the future of our country, and mirror the brand’s core values.  They believe in rolling up their sleeves and putting in a day of hard work.  They are the future biologists, engineers, veterinarians, business leaders, and (of course) farmers – and the next crop of truck owners.

Please join us on April 26th for a “Farmers Market” and meet your “Next Crop” of farmers.  The local Nampa chapter FFA will be on hand to showcase their talents, and help kids start their own garden at home!  For every short 5 minute test drive taken, Ram Trucks will donate $20.00 to the chapter.  The event will run from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm, with a BBQ lunch being served around 11:30.  We will have “Bubba” the sheep on hand for the kids enjoyment  and family friendly activities.   Come on down and help support the “Next Crop” of farmers!

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