Stampede Rock Stars – Parts Department

Our parts and accessory associates are a vital part of our dealership.  Parts counter representatives are responsible for assisting customers in finding the appropriate parts for their vehicle.  They also assist our service technicians in ordering parts for repairs and upgrades to commercial and consumer vehicles.

A critical part of their job is managing inventory.  Balancing the needs of external customers with those of the service department can be quite an undertaking. The parts counter personnel have the know-how to determine quickly what parts are available for your vehicle.  A well run parts department will usually have the parts required to complete repairs to your vehicle in stock, and at the technician’s disposal when needed.

The parts and accessory staff at Peterson Stampede Dodge have a total of  98 years’ experience combined.  They take pride in making sure our service technicians and customers are taken care of.  Last month we challenged the team to see  who was the “best” at delivering top-notch customer service, and one associate inched above the rest.  Congratulations go out to Vantz Betlach for putting our customers (internal and external) first!  Well done!

Not only do our associates supply parts for repairs, they are well schooled in accessories for your vehicle.  We all can agree that accessories on a vehicle are not necessarily a must have, but they sure do add a little something- something to a vehicle. Vehicle accessories are designed to enhance appearance, add protection, increase performance, as well as add style and value.

Look at it this way…accessories on a vehicle are like pearls paired with a little black dress, or a big bold belt buckle and hat, paired with a cowboy. It is the icing on a cake. It is what sets us apart from the masses.

If you are looking to add a little something extra to your vehicle, give our parts and accessory experts a call.  They will be glad to offer suggestions on how you can set yourself apart!    208) 475-3000

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