Ronald Reagan Elementary Adds New Soft Seating to Classroom

Education is important in life because it gives children the skills and tools they need to navigate the world. Our Back to School Appreciation program helps teachers fund projects that may not come to fruition due to a lack of funding. Here is one good news story from Ronald Reagan Elementary:

My Project – Mrs. Storm 3rd Grade Teacher at Ronald Reagan Elementary

Flexible seating seems to be the newest trend in education. I decided to try it out myself last year and was surprised at the difference it made in my classroom.

Did you know that flexible seating not only improves cognitive performance but also results in fewer disciplinary incidents?

In an effort to improve my students seating options, I would like to incorporate some Active Core Engagement Stools and soft seating stools. I truly desire to increase student motivation and have every student fully engaged within the classroom. I greatly appreciate the support of my community in my quest to better our educational system!

Dear Peterson DCJR,

I just wanted to thank you yet again for your generous donation to our project. The students have been so excited watching our packages arrive and guess what is in each box. Our classroom faces the front of the school and they have all learned the approximate time of the delivery trucks and watch for them! When we unpack the boxes to discover the treasures inside, the students are filled with excitement and gratitude.

These flexible seating options have added an entirely new dimension to our classroom. Students are excited to try the new seating options and have been working hard to earn their turn. I’ve noticed that the students are more focused and excited to learn and work while sitting in these new locations. I’ve had fewer discipline issues and therefore have had more time to dedicate to teaching. In seeing the difference in my students, I plan to continue to add new and exciting seating options to my classroom.

I am so grateful for programs like Donors Choose and the dedication they have to helping teachers like me find ways to make our project ideas come to fruition. There’s no way that we could afford these wonderful amenities without programs like this and the wonderful, generous donors who help to fund our projects. I, and my students, thank you again for your kindness and generosity.

With gratitude,
Mrs. Storms


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