Peel P50 – Worlds Smallest Car

Tired of paying through the nose at the pump?  I may have a solution.  Might I suggest we turn our sights on the world’s smallest production car ever to take a spin on the open highway?  I am talking about the Peel P50.

This unique little bugger measures in at a mere 54 inches long and just 41 inches wide.  Yes, I called it a Bugger because it is not much bigger than a mosquito.  The Peel P50 is now being produced in limited numbers by Peel Engineering Ltd in the United Kingdom.  The original Peel P50 was ahead of it’s time, designed with a very innovative fiberglass monocoque chassis which made it very light yet incredible strong and tough.

Originally manufactured in the 1960’s on the Isle of Man……the Peel P50 was envisioned as a small commuter car capable of traveling 40 mph while comfortably seating one adult and a shopping bag.  Production ceased in 1964 with only fifty P50’s being produced.  Of these originals only twenty-seven are known to be still in existence making the Peel P50 one of the rarest automobiles in the World!

So, why resurrect the Peel P50?  Let’s talk economics.  How about 118 miles to the gallon?  If you need a little more leg room and room for a companion, check out the big brother to the Peel P50. The Trident holds two people and a shopping bag and measures in at a whopping 72 inches long and 42 inches wide.

Not only can you drive these buggers on the street, you can drive the P50 on the sidewalk, down building hallways, and in elevators.  Can’t find a parking spot?  No problem, just drag your car with you.  At a mere 130 lbs, it should not pose too much of a problem.  Check out this video. Too Funny!!!

The downside: no reverse.  You have to get out and manually turn the vehicle around or have some kind citizen push you out of a tight spot.   You may also want to consider the fact that you could be smashed like a bug if you came grill to grill with anything larger than a postage stamp.

If you are intrigued and just have to be the first on your block to own one of these mini machines, you can purchase your very own via the internet starting at $12,676. You can’t just drop by Peterson Stampede Dodge to check out one of these mini contraptions or any other car dealerships for that matter.  The only place to see a live version is currently at Ripley’s Believe It or Not Museum in New York, London or Niagara Falls.  Do I have any takers?

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