Mopars Unlimted Classic Car Show at Peterson Stampede Dodge

Lets face it….the 50’s were pretty cool. Moms stayed home to look after the kids, and dad went to work. You had homework and chores to do and if you disrespected a teacher or an adult neighbor (always called them Mr. or Mrs.) you were grounded or severely punished.

Kids didn’t sit in front of the TV (you got 1 – 2 hours of TV if lucky) and there were no computers back then so you were either outside playing (using your imagination) or were out with a group of friends hanging out at your  favorite malt shop. There were “hot rods” and “jalopies” and the kids met at the drive-in restaurants where guys would scream around and around showing off their new re-built car. They popped clutches and did “wheelies” or “donuts” or picked out some other guy with a hot car to drag race to gain attention.

Guys wore their jeans with cuffs rolled up (often used as ashtrays) and T-shirts with one short-sleeve rolled up for their cigarettes, and some of the “greasers” (guys with greasy hair and duck tails) would have a cigarette folded inside the tip of their ear. Girls wore sweaters with scarves around their necks, long pencil-lined skirts with a slit up the side (poodle skirts as well) and usually pony tails or beehive hair-dos. They wore bobby socks with saddle shoes or “white bucks.” You were either “cool” or “square.”

Elvis Presley was all the rage among the teenage crowd and had parents all up-in-arms about the gyrations below the waist.  He certainly was shaking things up!  The sounds of Rock & Roll were creeping into mainstream with the help of radio and television.

Dancing consisted of mainly the “Jive” or the “Stroll” and a simple little dance called the “Twist” emerged.  Hula Hoops and Double Bubble chewing gum were all the rage.  Life was simple.  Life was good.

Join Peterson Stampede Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram and the Mopars Unlimited Classic Car Club this Saturday, May 2nd, 2015 for a blast from the past.  Come check out the coolest cars in theTreasureValley and Bee-Bop to your favorite 50’s tunes.  We may even have a little “twisting” of our own going on.


Take a stroll down memory lane with a little music, fun and food!  Call Marie for more information @ 475-3088.


See ya later Alligator!

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