Free Community Event – Cabin Fever Reliever

Who doesn’t like to fish?  Well, Kids First Cast, Inc. is all about kids and fishing!  Kids First Cast fills a vital role for families in our community to introduce their children to the world of fishing.  All you need to get started is a child with a longing to fish, and a little bit of your time, and Kids First Cast will do the rest.

Howard Davis, the Executive Director of the organization, along with a talented team of volunteers created this mission statement:

“It is our mission to help build and sustain healthy communities by providing; education, conservation, and outdoor recreation in a safe and inviting environment for kids and their families while enjoying the sport of fishing”

Fishing gets kids outdoors and active, while teaching positive ways to interact with the environment and each other, Davis said. He especially enjoys “seeing the kids’ expressions, their excitement in learning how to fish.”

He advocates preserving fish and habitat, and he promotes catch-and-release fishing — except where a time-honored milestone is involved. “You’re never going to get that kid’s first fish away,” Davis said. “It’s a lifelong memory.”

Kids First Cast will be celebrating its 5th year holding the Cabin Fever Reliever event at the Karcher Mall in Nampa on Saturday February 4th, 2017.  This is a free event, and will offer a day of fun filled with everything from archery, boat safety, fly fishing, tying flies, casting, and many more exciting activities.

So, if a little cabin fever is getting you down, head on down to the Cabin Fever Reliever event at the Karcher mall on February 4th.  For more information or to pre-register for the event click here:—calendar-of-events.html

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