Cordova Coolers at Peterson DCJR

It all started with a bet! Friends and family were enjoying a day on the water in their new Mastercraft boat and began complaining about the quality of the cooler and what they could do about it. Captain Scott Campbell Jr. of Deadliest Catch fame stated he could make one that would fit the opening in the boat and that would keep their “beverages” cold all day. Scoffing, his buddies said put your money where your mouth is. Scott did. After several prototypes and patience, Cordova Coolers emerged.

In 2015 hard body coolers were now being installed in Mastercraft boats and Scott decided to produce a full line of hard body coolers. The coolers had a unique look and style along with the ability to keep ice as long or longer than anybody in the industry.  Sales were strong and Cordova Coolers began searching for a facility sufficient in size to handle the growing company.

Fast forward to today and Cordova Coolers relocated to Nampa, Idaho. Doug McMaster, a Boise businessman, teamed up with Scott to form Cordova Coolers LLC. The partners decided to add a production line and within several months all hardbody Cordova Coolers were produced in Nampa Idaho. Being able to manufacture and control quality enabled Cordova Coolers to lower its price point and provide coolers to vendors with a separation from some of the “well known” brands in the industry. Soft side coolers and backpack coolers are on the way with stainless steel tumblers and other cooler accessories.  It is a long way from betting on a dare to building a complete cooler lineup, but Cordova Coolers with its lifetime warranty is ready for all your adventures.

Peterson DCJR supports local businesses and Cordova Coolers certainly fits that bill. We are proud to announce that we are an official retailer for this wonderful product. So, while you are shopping for your next vehicle, check out the Cordova Cooler products we have for sale. They truly are amazing, and best of all, you are supporting a local business. It does not get better than that.


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