Should You Buy New or Pre-Owned for Your Teen Driver?

If you have a teen driver in your family, you may be thinking about surprising your child with an automobile of their very own. As a Dodge dealer in Nampa, we think that’s a great idea and we look forward to helping you find an automobile you and your young driver will be happy with.

The biggest decision you’ll need to make is whether you want to get a new or pre-owned automobile for your teen driver. As Dodge dealers who’ve helped many parents make this decision, we’re prepared to help you make a choice you and your child will be comfortable with.

The most notable benefit to buying a new vehicle is that many new cars have advanced safety and driver assistance technologies as either standard or available equipment. The biggest drawback to getting a new automobile is that they’re typically pricier than previously owned cars. They’re also more expensive to insure and register with the state.

Buying a pre-owned car isn’t as risky as it once was, and that’s certainly the case when you shop with us. Because we’re a new car franchise dealer, we’re held to “new car” standards when it comes to the previously owned automobiles we sell. This means we do everything possible to restore pre-owned cars to a like-new condition before we offer them for sale. Every pre-owned vehicle we sell is backed by a 90-day “No Worries Warranty.”

Even though someone else originally bought the vehicles in our pre-owned inventory, many of them are just a few years old and have a lot of the desirable intelligent features many of consumers want cars to have. And the great thing is that, when you purchase a previously owned automobile, you don’t have to pay for these features because the car’s initial owner already did! In addition to getting more car for your money, you’ll also have to pay less to insure and register a pre-owned vehicle.

If you’re trying to decide if you should buy a new or previously owned automobile for the young driver in your family, stop by our Dodge dealership near Boise, ID so we can help you make the right choice. Visit Peterson Stampede Dodge Chrysler Jeep® RAM today.

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