Boise State vs Tulsa Hurricane – Win A New Truck

Let’s talk football…………specifically Boise State football.  Boise takes on the Tulsa Hurricanes this Saturday September 24th @ 6:00 pm on their home turf.  Tulsa is dealing with a barrage of injuries and obstacles as they prepare to face off with the Broncos. Boise State is playing at home…need I say more?  With a 32 straight game winning streak and school record, the Hurricane will need to step up their game. Boise State will be the third Top 10 team the Hurricane has played in the seasons first four weeks and the first one outside of its home state of Oklahoma.  The last time these two teams played, it was a 28-21 Boise State win.  So, what is your prediction?  Do I smell another victory for Boise State?

While we are on the subject of winning, how would you like to win a new Dodge truck or a one year lease on a new Dodge truck? At this Saturday’s game on September 24th, 2011,  Peterson Stampede Dodge will give you a chance to win big and drive off in style.  Contestants will be chosen at random by “Lucky Seat Number” and have the opportunity to punt for a new truck or throw for a one year lease.  This is one nice looking truck and would look really cool sitting in your driveway!


Don’t worry if you don’t score a new truck at the game.  Peterson Stampede Dodge is celebrating Ram Power Days and extending its annual 40% off truck sale as it rolls into fall, bringing you some of the biggest savings of the year.  You will find over 140 Rams starting at an unbelievable 40% off.  Check us out at Peterson Stampede Dodge or come down to the dealership and take a look at our full size trucks with ultimate towing power, award winning design and superior performance.  So, even if you come up short at the game, you can still come out a winner by stopping by the dealership. Sale ends September 30th, 2011 so hurry in.   Oh, and good luck at the game!


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