Automobile Technology – Is Your Car Smarter Than You Are?

Let’s face it; we live in a technology driven world.  But, have we gone too far?  In my search for a new vehicle, I have come to the realization that today’s vehicles are a whole lot smarter than I am.  When did a piece of equipment become more intelligent than the human driving it?

In 1966, a new Dodge Charger would set you back about $3,100 ducketts and the standard features were out of this world.  Hidden headlamps, full length tail lamps and four buckets seats with a front to back console in between.  The rear seats even folded down for more cargo space!

The instrument panel was four sunken pods lit by “electroluminescence”.  Yep, straight out of a Jetson’s cartoon.  This baby also came with lap belts for four people, internal hood release, oil pressure gauge and a tinted rear window. Easy, get in….stick the key in the ignition, put the vehicle into gear and hit the gas pedal.

The new and improved 2016 Charger proved to be a little more challenging for this simple humanoid. It started with the test drive.  I stretched open my hand waiting for the salesman to hand over the keys.  Instead, he lays a little black gadget in the palm of my hand and instructs me to point it at the vehicle.  Uh, what was this guy smoking?  I need a key.  As it turns out, no key was needed.

The little black gadget was called a Key Fob and could do a number of cool maneuvers without even opening the door!  Not only did I not need a key,  this contraption they called a car offered up Lane Assist, forward collision warning system, Accident Avoidance, Parking Assistance and a Navigation System.  My head was spinning!!!!


In my days, a Navigation System was called a map.  Accident avoidance was paying attention when you were driving.  A Forward Collision Warning System was your wife or mother screaming at the top of her lungs……WATCH OUT!  Parking assistance was something a valet offered up at a swanky restaurant.

Needless to say, I walked away with a new vehicle that tells me where to go and how to get there. When it all becomes a little too much for my small pea brain and overload sets in, I gingerly tell my vehicle where it can go and we ride off into the sunset.  You gotta love technology!

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