Aftermarket versus Manufacturer Car Parts

Aftermarket versus manufacturer car parts…is there really a difference? Is the extra cost worth it? Let’s take a look at the pros and cons to help you make a more informed decision when choosing what parts go into your vehicle.

An aftermarket part is any part for a vehicle that is not sourced from the car’s maker. These parts are usually less expensive than OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) car parts. The saying “you get what you pay for” rings true here. Some aftermarket parts are inferior because they use lower quality materials. Even a part as simple as a spark plug can be made by dozens of different companies and comes in numerous variations. To keep costs down, some aftermarket parts are sold without a warranty.

OEM parts are made by the vehicle’s manufacturer. These match the parts that came with your vehicle when it rolled off the assembly line. When you go to the parts counter at a dealership and ask for any part, you will usually get one type. You don’t have to worry about assessing the quality of different brands and prices.

The OEM part should work exactly as the one you are replacing. It is what the vehicle was manufactured with and provides a peace of mind in its familiarity and performance. Most automakers back up their OEM parts with a one-year warranty. And if you get your vehicle repaired at the dealership, they will stand by their labor as well.

When it comes to collision repairs, make sure you are getting OEM parts, since aftermarket body panels may not fit properly or have proper crumple zones for crash safety. If you lease your vehicle, there are also economic considerations. Since aftermarket parts decrease a vehicles book value, using them to repair your vehicles body may cost you part or all of your security deposit.

All aftermarket parts are not created equal – but ALL OEM parts are. Get the exact part you need made to manufacturer specifications, so you know the part will work and fit properly. The experienced staff at Peterson’s in Nampa is here to assist you in finding the right part for the right job.

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